Welcome to Alaska Husky Spirit . . .
the school assembly that changes lives!

About the Assembly

Since 1992 dog musher and boat captain Lorraine Temple has captivated audiences with her candor and excitement of “Alaska’s Official State Sport”, dog mushing! But it’s about much more… From building a cabin to working on movies and glaciers, driving boats, commercial fishing and what it takes to live in Alaska for 34 years, it’s genuine northern exposure! The mystique of Alaska is brought to life making for a dynamic, compelling, inspirational, educational yet entertaining assembly that promises to ignite curiosity in every student!


Alaska Husky Spirit ~ the basics

  • Lorraine: Alaska Musher/Boat Captain/Dynamic Speaker
  • 2 Husky Sled Dogs
  • Actual dog sled and harnessing demo
  • Stunning powerpoint slide show
  • Tales of the Trail: adventure & excitement
  • Detailed state and world wall maps
  • Short video by CNN of her summer glacier business
  • Uplifting, inspirational true stories
  • Dramatic excerpt of first musher to carry diptheria serum in 1925
  • *Every student receives a cool bookmark of wisdoms from the trail, decorated with a painting of “Sabahka” her lead dog and picture of her on a glacier! Reading rocks!

Inspiring Lessons…

  • Encourages students to realize their own strengths and follow their own dreams…and to DREAM BIG!
  • Opens a window to the diversity of life, ‘to think outside the box’
  • About dog mushing, the Iditarod Sled Dog Race and Life in Alaska
  • The value of teamwork and leadership; anti-bullying
  • The rewards of patience, perseverance and goal setting
  • Sincere respect and appreciation for wilderness and animals
  • Geography, history, and current events
  • Useful with “Idita-read” program
  • Embodies the “Growth Mindset” philosophy (Carol Dweck)

“To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path
and don't worry about the darkness for that is when stars shine the brightest.” ~anonymous
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Contact: Lorraine Temple
PO Box 652, Cooper Landing, AK 99572
907-299-2855 Cell
866-235-4232 Fax

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