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We enthusiastically recommend the Alaska Husky Spirit assembly!  With our school funds in very short supply, we choose very carefully when we invest in programs.  We're pleased to say that the Alaska Husky Spirit Assemby was worth every penny.  We chose to have two assemblies, and both the elementary and high school students loved the presentations.  The impact was even more evident in the calls we received from parents  after students went home and shared their excitement.  The message was upbeat and highly engaging.  With Lorraine's focus on adventure and self-determination, we felt that the impact was also an anti-bullying, anti-drug message without those topics even being mentioned.  Great assembly!  We'll have her back when she's in the area again. 

Laurel Hill-Ward, Principal, Stony Creek Joint Unified School District

“I would like to heartily endorse her assembly program Lorraine’s presentation was entertaining, informative, adventuresome and downright inspiring. Her multi faceted approach was a key to maintaining the kids interest. Utilizing slides, videos, music, maps and the stars of the show, her own huskies, the audiences were extremely interested and focused. All in all, it was a warm and inspiring tale of a person seeking and adventure and fullness in life, as well as a mini lesson about the great north of the United States. As any school administrator knows, the audience is often the gauge of the quality of the presenter and today, our student audiences were exceptional! Again, I would very highly recommend Lorraine Temple and her dogs to visit and inspire you students.”

Jack Bither, Dean of Students, The Harker School, San Jose, CA

What a delightful and informative presentation.  Lorraine and her "crew" really know how to entertain an audience.  Our students were engaged because of the variety of ways in which she presents information - through storytelling, videos, and demonstrations.  Many vowed to visit Alaska as soon as they can!

JoAnn McClelland, Mesquite High School, Ridgecrest, CA

Lorraine Temple's visit is a highlight for our third graders each year.  She brings the Iditarod to life for them - complete with dogs, a sled, and musher gear.  Her positive message is inspirational and encourages students to follow their passions. 

Jackie Berkman, Donald Rheem School, Moraga, California

“Lorraine Temple gave a fantastic presentation on dog mushing in Alaska to grades K-8. There was something for each grade level! Her informative delivery was enhanced by a beautiful slide show of the landscape and wildlife of the area. Lorraine was an example of someone who has set a goal for herself and achieved it ~ a great role model for kids of all ages!”

Signe Boyer, Assembly Coordinator, Keys School, Palo Alto, CA

“This was my all-time favorite assembly! Having been to Alaska recently, I especially enjoyed the beautiful slides with Lorraine’s wonderful narration. The students were spellbound for a full hour and loved interacting with the dogs (as I did!) Ms. Temple’s presentation was informative, enthusiastic and fun. I would love to have her come each year!”

Betty Mettler, Walnut Acres School, Walnut Creek, CA

“Your presentation was astounding and beautiful and rich. Your dogs…can’t say enough. Magic! I did want to comment on your closing remarks and the quote you read; I was so pleased to know that you think enough about our children (and I mean globally) to take the time to convey the message of adventure to them. It is an incredibly important message that this younger generation is missing. To them: “There are no great explorations left. There are no “unknown” lands.” All that is left is one’s imagination and ambition. For you to come to our classroom with your energy and dogs and sense of adventure is a very necessary lesson. I’m so glad my daughter had the opportunity to meet you…”

Sarah Pearce, 4th grade mother, St. Cecilia School, San Francisco CA

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( Homer News , July '92 – excerpt from article about summer presentations for tourists in Homer)
“ Lorraine Temple 's enthusiasm for mushing helps to explain why she is spending July, among other months this summer, promoting her show about a sport that only sees action in winter. As she says, it's hard pushing dogs in the halibut world of the Homer Spit in summer. But that hasn't discouraged her from a year-round enchantment with the sport. During the winter, Temple operates Outback Kachemak Dog Sled Tours, which provides dog-sled tours in the snowy highlands around Homer. She and her dogs--about 80 of them--operate out of a bed and breakfast at 14 mile East End Road . But this summer, Temple passed up the sport-fishing season--she has been a commercial charter-boat captain and has spent other summers doing that. Instead, she is spending about an hour of her afternoons each day and a couple of evenings on the Homer Spit giving tourists and whomever else pay the admission a sort of crash course in the sport of mushing. Judging from the reactions of about a dozen visitors who showed up for the multi-media show Friday afternoon, she's satisfying a curiosity that tourists have about the sport, much of it apparently fueled by the fame of the Iditarod dog-sled race. But even for the nouveau-Alaskan who hasn't yet got the hang of why everyone else gets so excited about a bunch of dogs pulling a sled, Temple 's presentation gives insight. …..


“To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path
and don't worry about the darkness for that is when stars shine the brightest.” ~anonymous

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